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Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form DVD Project

Uninvited Guests ran a 9 day theatre workshop with a group of 12 sixth form students from Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form. The project took place in October 2009 at the school, culminating in a devised performance by the students to an invited audience. The performance was part of a programme of events for the launch of the new media and arts building at the school.

A further outcome of this project is an educational resource DVD. This extensive DVD provides teaching resources and exercises based on the company’s work. It also contains footage of the workshops, final performance and student feedback on the project. Ffi please contact us.

This project gave the young people involved an opportunity to work alongside a professional theatre company, learning from the company’s director, performers, composer and a film maker.

The workshops focused on the devising processes of Uninvited Guests, starting by looking at two recent shows and their themes. The practitioners encouraged participants to engage creatively and intellectually with how these themes affect their own lives and community.

The project took place both during curriculum time and outside of school hours. The aim was to encourage a deeper level of engagement and commitment from the students, and a broader understanding of working in the arts.

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Funded by The National Lottery through Awards for All.