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Love Letters At Home

Love Letters at Home is a joyful and open-hearted Zoom performance that brings people together in a time of physical distance from friends and family. It shifts between theatre and feeling like a real social event; dedications are spoken, toasts are made, speeches are given, songs are sung and dances danced, on behalf of the audience and with them.

Before the show, people who book tickets are invited to send in music requests, to write dedications to those they love or care about, and these are worked into the event each night. We try, with care, to only speak the words written by those in the audience - each performance is unique to that group of people, their memories, their current and past loves or friendships, their emotions, laid bare for everyone to witness, acknowledge and support.

During lockdown in 2020 we toured virtually to Melbourne, Mexico, New York, L.A, Arizona, Dublin as well as venues and festivals across the UK.

Whilst Love Letters At Home is supported by different venues in different places as part of its touring, because it is online you can join each performance from your home, wherever in the world that might be. Visit venue websites to book tickets.

Further UK and international dates to be announced. Love Letters At Home will be available for touring through into 2022. For booking enquiries please contact Fuel.