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Future Places Toolkit

Future Places Toolkit is an engagement activity that offers you the chance to imagine the future of your public realm and uses technology to bring it to life.

Using Augmented Reality (like in Pokemon GO) and devices that allow you to see and hear through time (mobile phones), you will get to experience in situ the futures you want for a specific place. As we talk and come up with ideas together, what you imagine will appear around you, drawn over the buildings of today. Our app will allow you to see options that may already be planned for the area. You can explore what these ideas would be like, how people would use them, and make changes to the Augmented Reality illustrations. Using immersive audio, you'll get to hear what your future high street or public realm might sound like.

You can watch a video demo HERE.

Recent activity

We have been working with Filwood Broadway Working Group and Bristol City Council to support the consultation process taking place on Filwood Broadway in Knowle West, South Bristol. This was also supported by Knowle West Media Centre and Filwood Community Centre.

We ran a series of workshops during Knowle West Fest on 1st October 2022, engaging residents of all ages, including the local Youth Council. Each session was documented visually with an annotated illustration.

Our collaborators

Sound: Duncan Speakman.

Live illustration: Sam Steer

Software design: Fenyce

Software implementation: Zubr.

Additional information

This enjoyable and entertaining activity is accessible to all and engages young and older people with consultation.

It takes place outside, lasts for approximately 40 minutes and is for 12 people at a time. It can take place multiple times in a day.

All the equipment is provided by Uninvited Guests and does not require participants to have any existing familiarity with technology.

Discussions are recorded and each session is documented visually in the form of an annotated illustration or panorama.

For further information about this project please email info@uninvited-guests.net