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Give Me Back My Broken Night

Give Me Back My Broken Night is a collaboration with Duncan Speakman from circumstance.

It is a provocation to audiences to imagine the future of their city.

Designed specifically for areas under construction or redevelopment, the audience are led by performers through vacant lots and buildings to share what is planned for the area, and what the utopian and dystopian alternatives might be. Before the audiences's eyes, a glowing vision of the future appears, the collective imagining of those present. 

Site-specific fictions are created, using a combination of performance, location sensitive mobile devises, portable projectors and a cinematic soundtrack. With every step the audience walk further into the future, and alternative versions of the area reveal themselves; they become the urban planners, collaborating on their own designs and imagined architectures. 

We are currently developing a new version of Give Me Back My Broken Night as part of a project called Hothouse at Deptford Lounge in south east London. 

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