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Future Soundings

Future Soundings is available for booking.

Future Soundings was recently performed as part of Hopeful Futures. a two-day event exploring the future of creative technology in Bath and Bristol, run by Bristol + Bath Creative R&D.

As you take a walk through your city an app on your phone prompts you to imagine travelling through time. It asks you to describe what you might see and hear in the places you pass. When you return, a science-fiction story made collectively from the futures that you and other participants imagine will be performed live with an improvised soundtrack.

Uninvited Guests and Duncan Speakman take soundings from you about what is to come and invite you to reflect on the present through the lens of the future.

You can watch videos of the performances in BRISTOL and BATH.

OR if you prefer you can just listen to the recordings of the improvised soundtracks below: