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Whatever you want it's out there: sordid stories, bad seed secrets, lost love and good clean fun. Categories for the organised voyeur. Come on in digital dandy. Snoop around you dirty little sneak. Browse through a store marked 'No Guilt No Shame'. Get caught in the act of what comes naturally. Uninvited Guests pull the plug and work offline. We've seen too much and can't take anymore. After shut down we're left in a room with only an index of where we have been, trying to recall our digital heaven. If you tell me yours I'll tell you mine... ... talk dirty to strangers that glow in the dark.

Offline is also available as a 6hr durational version. This intimate event is performed within a carpeted room built in a gallery context. Join the company offline, lounge with us on our carpet as we whisper others' textual confessions to you, close-up and breathy...