Performing Futures: Billennium and To Those Born Later

Billennium will tour 3 cities this Spring, with new versions adapted for BBK OFF Festival, Bilbao, International Theater Days in Belgrade, and PLACCC Festival, Budapest. The show is made in collaboration with Duncan Speakman.


To Those Born Later (International Collection) will be performed online 3 times, hosted once by each festival and promoted locally.

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Love Letters At Home

Love Letters at Home is a joyful and open-hearted Zoom performance that brings people together in a time of physical distance from friends and family. It shifts between theatre and feeling like a real social event; dedications are spoken, toasts are made, speeches are given, songs are sung and dances danced, on behalf of the audience and with them.

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Love Letters Straight From Your Heart

Let's raise our glasses to long lost loves and current lovers, to mums, to dads and to absent friends. Uninvited Guests stage an event that is somewhere between a wedding reception, a wake and a radio dedication show. We speak of our own and other's loves - deep, passionate, ambivalent and unrequited - and dedicate songs to them.

If you want to join us on this happy occasion, send a dedication to someone you love to info@uninvited-guests.net.

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