Uninvited Guests was formed in Bristol, England in 1998 by Paul Clarke, Jessica Hoffmann and Richard Dufty. Over 24 years as collaborators, we have created entertaining and provocative theatrical experiences that explore urgent social, cultural and political ideas. 

Our work is often characterised by the way it asks audiences to get involved. It puts their stories, dreams, memories, loves or frustrations at its heart. It asks them to be co-authors with us of the experience in really direct ways, like providing us with text that forms part of the script for that night’s performance or having conversations with each other as part our shows. Other features of our work are our use of new technologies to tell stories and re-imagine the world, and the way we reflect on our past to think about the future. 

We create work in various contexts. We have made work in theatres, on city streets, in libraries, supermarkets, in royal palaces, in galleries, bars and in parks. We focus mainly on performance, but also make theatrical guided tours and installations. 

Amongst others we have been supported by Arts Council England, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Jerwood Charitable Foundation, The Arts Patrons Trust and The British Council. We are residents of the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol.


Email: info@uninvited-guests.net



You can watch videos of our work on youtube.

Some of Uninvited Guests’ work is produced by Fuel. If you would like to know more about Love Letters Straight From Your Heart or To Those Born Later email Fuel:

Email: info@fueltheatre.com
Fuel, Somerset House, West Wing, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA


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Murdo Mcleod, Jonathan Bewley, Hannah Chiswell, Ben Pacey, Tom Medwell, Manuel Vason, Luke Wilmot



Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. Lottery Funded