Schlock // Projects



A Collaboration with Duncan Speakman

if you think you?re not afraid of the dark?
if you say you have a strong stomach?
if you believe nothing can shock you?

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Not for the faint hearted, Schlock collides the real with the really fake. Personal experiences of bodily trauma and fears about accidents or violent attacks encounter the erotica of TV hospital dramas and horror flicks. The result is a darkly comic and disconcerting mix of poignant confession and B-movie melodrama, real acts of violence and pints of fake blood. Schlock asks if we can we sit at the bedside of a loved-one in hospital, or hear the beeps of a heart monitor, without thinking of endless scenes from film or TV? What is it in horror that holds us, makes us want to look at accidents as we drive-by? Uninvited Guests explore our desire to look and to look away.

Duncan worked with Uninvited Guests to explore the performers as acoustic instruments, using a stethoscope to live-sample noises from their bodies and soundtrack the show. Custom-built software enables us to process each others? voices with pressure sensors, to increase our sampled heart-beats to impossible rates and trigger plundered samples through body contact.

The performers speak directly to the audience through a clear Perspex screen. It?s as if they possess a kind of second-sight as they retell others? accidents and injuries as though they happened, or will happen, to them, or to you.