26th July 2009

Delicious links

I'm collecting some links and references that we're using for our research towards Make Better Please on my Delicious page here. This makes part of our thinking around this new work public. Feel free to browse, get a sense of some of our current interests and imagine what the event inspired by them might be like:

For example I discovered this:

In 1953 Marcel Duchamp made an artwork titled “A Guest + A Host = A Ghost”. The mysterious phrase was inscribed on the tinfoil wrappers of sweets that were handed out during an opening in Paris. Etymologically “guest” and “host” go back to the same roots. The Middle English (h)oste meant both “guest” and “host”. It also meant “stranger, alien” and it is only a small step from there to “ghost”, to the disembodied spirit, the shadowy or evanescent form wandering among the living like an uninvited guest. (

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21st July 2009


We will be uploading trailers and videos of our work to our YouTube channel. Find us at

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21st July 2009

New Website

We hope you like our new website. Thanks to Graeme Swinton of Studio GS for all his great work on it. Do let us know if you have any comments:

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21st July 2009


We've just returned from Latitude where we did two performances of Love Letters Straight From Your Heart. Thanks to all who attended and submitted dedications. If you queued and couldn't get in, we're very sorry - please do try again in Edinburgh.

Our ears are still ringing from Nick Cave. Other highlights included Fever Ray, Look Left Look Right's Caravan and Hofesh Shechter's piece as part of the Sadler's Wells triple bill.

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