5th February 2024

Site visit to Bristol Avon

We've started working on our new project, Future River Soundings. Last week we visited the source of the Bristol Avon, which is in a hamlet called Didmartin. We visited a really old church that only had access via a muddy field, and then followed the river to Sherston, a village on the edge of the Cotswolds. By this point it was a flowing stream. We ended up in Malmsbury, where silk mills were housed on the edge of the river up until the early 1940's. Next week we're heading to the mouth of the Avon...

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13th February 2023

Performing Futures Video

Check out this VIDEO about a project called 'Performing Futures'.

 In 2022 ‘Performing Futures’ used two shows, Billennium and To Those Born Later, to test innovative, more inclusive and sustainable performing arts touring and distribution models.

Funded by Perform Europe and in partnership with IKUSEEARTE (Spain), Students’ City Cultural Centre (Serbia), PLACCC Festival (Hungary) and Fuel (London).

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6th February 2023

Performing Futures at PM Studio

It was the Pervasive Media Studio's 15th Birthday celebration last Friday. We showed documentation of a number of shows that have been in collaboration with the studio over the last 12 years: Give Me Back My Broken Night, Billennium, Future Places Toolkit and Future Soundings.  

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30th January 2023

New Project - Future Soundings

Future Soundings is a new project made in collaboration with Duncan Speakman. It is part workshop and part performance. It was recently performed as part of Hopeful Futuresa two-day event exploring the future of creative technology in Bath and Birstol, run by Bristol + Bath Creative R&D.

As you take a wallk through your city an app on your phone prompts you to imagine travelling through time. It asks you to describe what you might see and hear in the places you pass. When you return, a science-fiction story made collectively from the futures that you and other participants imagine is performed live with an improvised soundtrack. 

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23rd October 2022

Future Places Toolkit in Knowle West


We recently ran Future Places Toolkit as part of Filwood Broadway Working Group and Bristol City Council’s consultation about improvements to Filwood Broadway (with support from Knowle West Media Centre and Filwood Community Centre).

We had a great afternoon talking with residents of all ages, including the local Youth Council, imagining what the future of the Broaway might be like. 

These discussions resulted in a series of annotated illustrations. 

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17th March 2022

Perform Europe info


There will be 3 events - 

Billennium - click HERE for more info

To Those Born Later - click HERE for more info

Uninvited Guests talk on Digital Transformation in Performance - click HERE for more info 

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22nd February 2021

Check out this book

Receiving this on a Monday morning is a good way to start the week :)


We are thrilled to be a part of it and in such great company... 


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9th February 2021

Creating our archive

This year Uninvited Guests will be 23 years old! And in that time we have made a lot of shows, installations, audio walks and workshops. 

We feel that now is the time to look back and create an archive of our work. As a result we have been going through all the 'stuff' we have gathered over the years. And we would like to share some of what we have found. So let's start at the beginning... 

In 1998 we started making our first ever show - Guest House.  

We were awarded a Fluid Commission by Arnolfini and DA2 (the digital arts network) to explore the inerface between live presence and digital media. 

Guest House took the audience on a tour of an impossible building, composed of real rooms and events drawn from a series of interviews with friends and strangers. The room were put together to form a house which was reconstructed using an animation programme, then called 3D studio max, and also mapped out live in the space.  


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9th February 2021

Guest House in i-D magazine

Here is a photo of an article about Guest House in i-D magazine from November 1999.

We were about to tour the show to Arnolfini, Bristol; Dartington Arts in Dartington and eXpo '99 in Nottingham.

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9th February 2021

Text on acetate

Guest House text

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