23rd September 2010

Give Me Back My Broken Night

We have been blogging about our Theatre Sandbox project, in collaboration with Duncan speakman here:

Contact us or the Soho Theatre - the venue we are working with - if you are interested in seeing our performance sketch or prototype on 2nd October. 

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1st June 2010

Ghosting Lancaster, Summer School - Duncan Speakman (Subtlemob) & Paul Clarke (Uninvited Guests)

DUNCAN SPEAKMAN AND UNINVITED GUESTS' International Summer School 2010

Presented by the Nuffield Theatre and taking place at the Storey Creative Industries Centre and in the streets of Lancaster.

Ghosting Lancaster - a summer school for artists with an interest in sound art, site-specific performance, live art, participation and public realm, locative media, psychogeography, design and technology.

Imagine walking through a film, but it's happening on the streets you live in - it's a film without cameras.

Bristol-based sound artist Duncan Speakman and Paul Clarke from performance company Uninvited Guests will deliver a 6-day school exploring how mobile technology can be used in performance to reframe and fictionalise real spaces.  Technologies used include live audio transmission, real-time audio processing, pre-recorded audio on mobile devices and accessible systems. No previous knowledge of the technology is required.

The school will be built around the conception and performance of narratives in the streets of Lancaster. These will be drawn from: material developed through documentary methods, exploring the personal histories of participants and the hidden histories of Lancaster, the adaptation of a film script, public interventions and relationships built with local inhabitants.  Drawing on Duncan's recent Subtle Mob events (see the group will write instructions for one another and for audiences, tasks to carry out and scenes to enact on the streets. Drawing on Uninvited Guests' recent participatory works, co-created with the public, the group will explore ways of integrating people living and working locally, drawing on their stories and enabling them to feature in a collectively produced event.

The result will be a work-in-progress performance integrated into the real social space, subtly shifting behaviours rather than taking over.  A public audience listen-in on headphones, following a mix of music, location sounds, story and instructions.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to explore and develop their knowledge of mobile technologies in performance, and gain insights into their application in a social and participatory context.

See the following websites for more info on the lead artists:

Early Bird Application deadline: Friday 5th June at midnight.
Final Application deadline: Friday 2nd July at midnight.

EARLY BIRD PRICES*:                         £160 full price / £140 NW-based artists and concessions
FINAL DEADLINE PRICES*:                     £190 full price / £170 NW-based artists and concessions

The Summer School runs full-time from Sunday 1st to Friday 6th August 2010

*The price includes 6 full days work as well as evening sessions and a complimentary meal/party on the night of Saturday 31st July.  We can provide a digs list for cheap, local accommodation.
And there is 1 funded bursary place is available****

****If you would like to apply for a free bursary place in return for helping us out with running the summer school, please also send a brief account of what you could offer us.  Most useful is technical expertise, but experience in project/stage management, photography or other relevant experience also considered.

See: <> (in the artists support section) to download an application form. If you have any questions, please email or call: <> or 01524 592994.

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26th April 2010

Teaching Resource DVD finished

Our first teaching resource DVD is hot off the press, and now available. If you are interested please contact us.

Uninvited Guests ran a 9 day theatre workshop with a group of 12 sixth form students from Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form in October 2009.

This extensive DVD is a result of those 9 days, providing teaching resources and exercises based on the company's work. It also contains footage of the workshops, the final performance and student feedback on the project.

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21st July 2009

New Website

We hope you like our new website. Thanks to Graeme Swinton of Studio GS for all his great work on it. Do let us know if you have any comments:

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